Senior Portraits

We love doing Senior portraits and always look forward to photographing new Seniors. The fun, the energy and the excitement of these shoots make them an absolute favorite of ours.

Look through our images and albums, we think you will see that our portraits are a bit different from what's available elsewhere. We aim for our portraits to be more contemporary and stylish and reflect more of your energy and personal quirkiness.

We have a beautiful studio location which makes for lots of great options, but we are also extremely comfortable working outdoors and happy to combine the two! So if you have a special location or outdoor idea in mind, we'd really like to hear about it. We're always up for a challenge!

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What's Different about our Senior Sessions?

Well, for one thing, we really want them to be fun - for you and for us. Photography is what we love to do and making people look their best is our goal. But we also want it to be a great time. If you are uncomfortable or aren't having a blast doing this, then something's not right.

Our Senior sessions are typically filled with lots of energy and laughter. We're really just a bunch of goofballs who've never bothered to "grow up". (Afterall, where's the fun in that?)

Ultimately, these pictures are for you - we listen to what you have to say. We welcome your ideas. After all is said and done, it doesn't matter if we like the picture - if you don't like it, we haven't done what we set out to do!

Click through to have a look at a few of our images here and then check out our Senior Galleries!

What should you bring?

Anything you like! Bring as many outfits as you can, so that we have a selection of things to choose from. Jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses - bring it all. Long sleeve or short. Sweaters, buttondowns or tank tops. If you feel good and look good in it, bring it!

Do you play a musical instrument? Bring it! (Well ... unless it's a set of drums or a piano). Are you an athlete? How about some of your athletic gear, a ball or your letterman's jacket? Have you earned trophies for some skill or activity of which you are proud? Do you cheer or dance?

In short, bring anything you think would:

  1. Fit in our studio comfortably.
  2. Say or show off something about you.

We may not use everything you bring (in fact, we probably won't) but it's better to have the option rather than think of it at the session and wish you had brought it!

Do we photograph outdoors/on location?

Absolutely! For most of our 20 years of doing this we have photographed exclusively on location. It's only in the last two years, since acquiring a studio space, that we have concentrated on studio portraits.

Though we REALLY enjoy our studio, we still love the challenge of photographing someplace new - hunting around for a neat location and getting the lighting just right. Photographing an area in such a way as to create a picture you never would have thought possible just looking at the place.

If you would like a location portrait and have a location in mind, definitely let us know.

Do we photograph just portraits?

Well yes and no. We photograph much more than just posed portraits. However, at the same time, we approach every image we take as if we wanted it to be a beautiful portrait in the end. If there is an activity you enjoy, let us know and we may be able to arrange to photograph you doing it. We have 20 years of sports photography experience and spend much of our year photographing sports. So, if you are an athlete, definitely consider having us come out to photograph you.

Similarly, if you are a dancer, an actor or actress or engaged in other activities (riding rodeo, 4H, FFA, JROTC, etc.) we would be excited to schedule an opportunity to photograph you "in action".

We're always up for a new photographic challenge. One of our most fun adventures was taking a group of four friends to the California State Fair for a day of hanging out and having a blast on the rides. They rode everything they could get a seat on and had we all had a great time doing it!

It should be YOU on these pages!

OK, now that you've seen OTHER people's faces on our pages, are you ready to be there yourself?

If so, call us at (916) 344.8512 or email us at to schedule your session!

And after you have done that, feel free to continue going through our galleries and albums to see what you like, what you don't and be sure to note down any bright ideas you have! Like we said earlier, these portraits are about who you are, so anything that makes you you is welcome in your portraits!