About Our Studio

Welcome to Micheal Hall Photography, a family owned and operated studio located in Sacramento, CA. Our goal is to give you great service and beautiful images. Our studio is located in Sacramento, CA on Fulton Avenue, off of Business 80. We have more than 20 years of photographic experience and an enthusiasm for creating beautiful images that only grows stronger as time passes.

We love meeting new families and working again with families we have met in the past. We are excited by the idea that the images we create of you today will be shared with family and friends decades from now - still creating wonderful effects and bringing back to mind moments which have long since passed.

We hope you will have a look around the site and see our work. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact us by phone at: 916.344.8512 or by email at: micheal@michealhallphotography.com

High School Seniors

Senior portraits are a lot of fun to photograph. Aside from our volleyball photography that takes us traveling around the nation for six months of the year, creating portraits of soon to be graduating Seniors is what we do most.

We try to make our portraits reflect all of the various aspects of you ... Mom and Dad's "baby", the energy and excitement of your Senior year, the attitude and fun of the real you. We want our portraits of you to be something you are completely thrilled with.

Not only that, but we want you to have a great time being photographed. Bring TONS of clothes, props (musical instruments, athletic equipment ...), music and friends. We're happy creating studio photos or location photos. We do what it takes to make awesome images!

Be sure to look inside for galleries full of images from our Senior Portraits.


Weddings are a wonderful celebration which we are always honored to take part in. We've been photographing weddings for nearly 20 years now and we always look forward to being a part of what is such a special day for a couple.

Our approach to wedding photography is the same as with all of our subjects - very relaxed. But don't let that fool you! We spend the day looking for moments from which we can create a beautiful image that you will be thrilled to share with family and friends.

Whether it is a simple backyard ceremony, an intimate church wedding or an all out bash we would be happy to speak with you about your visions of your wedding day and see how we can help make it as special as it should to be.


Being firmly convinced we are simply kids in adult bodies, we love hanging out with other kids. We try to make our children's sessions as fun and stress free as possible and to allow the children input into their pictures. We are happy to photograph children in our studio or on location. Location pictures can be at home, at the park or other place for which your child has a special affinity (my daughter has always loved to be photographed on the beach near Bodega Bay where my family visits several times a year).

It doesn't need to be a special occasion to photograph your child - simply growing up is a special occassion. And they do it so quickly! Portraits can help stop time - the giggles and pitter patter of feet will not be here for ever. Our portraits of children tend to be very simple, our goal for the child to really stand out as an individual. We also absolutely love to do portraits of infants who have just been welcomed to the family!


Family portraits are very important documents. Families are an ever growing, ever changing entity. As years pass children grow ... and your hair grays. New unions are formed, and new children born. More time goes by and family members pass on. A family never stays the same for too long.

This is why family portraits are so important (it's why all portraits are so important!). And it is something we really enjoy doing for your family. We would be thrilled to create a beautiful image of your family for you. Something to hang on your wall or put into your album, to send to family far and wide, or just to your sister across town.

So don't let any more time go by - call us to schedule a family portrait session. If your family isn't too big, we can do it right here in our studio. However, we are completely happy to come to you outdoors and do a gorgeous portrait in a park, the beach ... No matter where, the important thing is to have it done!