Our Family Photography

Just like all of our photography - we want our family pictures to be fun! You don't have to jump like Tom and Stacy are here ... but you can if you want! Of course, we are just as happy doing less ... enthusiastic ... family portraits, but our goal is to portray some of the love and affection and uniqueness inherent to every family.

Whether it's a simple portrait in our studio, a gathering at a local park, a couch in a field or a family on the beach we would be thrilled to photograph your family for you.

You can make it as color and clothing coordinated (think white shirts and jeans) as you like, or as wild and unrestrained as everyone can come up with (flower power and heavy metal? - maybe it's '40s glam and zuit suits - it's your picture, do what you like!).

The key thing is to have it done. Time goes on and family members go their way. And yes, while it would be perfect to be able to have ALL of the family together, don't skip out on photographing the family because someone is off doing something. Afterall, they may just want you to send them that picture when it's done. Oh, and mom and Dad ... it's OK to have a picture of just the two of you!

Family Sessions

We keep our family sessions as relaxed and fun as possible. We want everyone laughing and having a good time. It's not every day that families get together to be photographed, and we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Our family sessions are only as long as they need to be. Meaning, we will keep photographing until you are satisfied that all of the family members and groups have been photographed as you would like. We've done family shoots that lasted an hour and a half for a larger group of several families and ones that have lasted but 15 minutes for a small family of 5.

Session Pricing

Our session pricing for indoor family portraits (limited to six family members due to size constraints within the studio) is $75. For outdoor sessions (with no limit on participants) it is $125. While we really enjoy photographing in our studio, we actually prefer working on location outdoors for families.


We are happy to photograph wherever you like. Extensive travel may involve an additional charge, but we try to minimize that wherever possible. If you have a specific location in mind, get in touch and we'll plan it out! There is a nice park just around the corner from our studio, so that is always an option as well.

What should you bring?

What should you bring to a family session? The basics are simple - the family, some love and affection for everyone (obvious right?). In terms of accessories, you might think of bringing a couple of blankets to coordinate with your selection of clothing. If we're going to do a beach portrait, a few towels may not hurt (just in case things get a little playful!).

As with any shoot, the ladies should bring their make up essentials for any desired touch ups.

Most of all though, just bring what says "Family". Maybe you like boating and everyone should wear life preservers, or you like to fish, so bring your rod and reel. Perhaps you are all musicians in some fashion. Whatever it is that says "family" for you, I'd like to see if we can make a unique image to communicate it to others - something that, when your friends see it, they say "Oh yeah, that's them alright!"

Looking to see some Family pictures?

We've put together a gallery of some of our family portrait work. In some cases it's a large extended family. In others, it's a small immediate family. Sometimes it's an engaged couple looking to start a family and still in others it's a couple anticipating the arrival of their first child. All families, in one stage or another.

How to schedule your Family portrait.

Booking an appointment with us really couldn't be easier. Look at your calendar, pick a few dates that would work for you and give us a call or email us. Really, that's it! We'll get back to you to let you know which date would work and start getting the planning going.

So ... walk over to that calendar and have a look! Then call us at (916) 344.8512 or email us at micheal@michealhallphotography.com