Little Ones

As we said elsewhere, we stand firmly convinced that we, ourselves, are just kids in bigger bodies. So, hanging out with other kids is something we love doing. (Honestly, adults can be so ... boring. Bring on the backyard sprinklers and mud puddles, let's go see if we can catch a bad case of the giggles!)

How we structure a session can differ, depending on your preferences and needs and those of your child. As an infant, perhaps you will want a quiet session at home, in their new room, surrounded by their new posessions. Alternatively, we could do some beautifully lit black and white portraits in the studio. Maybe as a toddler, you can bring them in to the studio for a fun shoot on white. However, if they are a bit shy or reserved for that, we could spend some time at your home simply documenting them being themselves. Growing into childhood, maybe it's time to take them to the park and let them just run and have fun - bubbles, playground toys, whatever they can get their hands on. Or, during the summer, maybe it is a session in backyard swimwear and running through sprinklers. Or perhaps it's time to wage a family water war (just try not to get us wet!)

Life is a joy, and children are a wonderful example of that. We'd be happy to schedule a portrait session and share the joy of your child through images.

Kids Sessions

Our children's sessions are really tailored to the child. We don't want to be too lound and rambunctious if your child is shy or quiet. On the other hand, we don't want to repress your child's natural energy and joy by being too "grown up".

We do find it best to bring the energy level up slowly. Usually, when kids first meet us, they are a bit unsure of us. We often start with simple portraits - these are the quiet images. Maybe peeking out from behind mom's leg or hiding behind a stuffed animal. Often, as the session progresses and they get used to us they start to relax a bit. Once we start showing them pictures on camera, they usually turn into little showboats and put on a show.

And, Mom's and Dad's, you should be prepared to be in the pictures if your little one is so shy that they require you to be there. Ultimately, we want happy pictures of them - and if that means you need to be in the picture, you'd better be ready for that! Besides, you can't beat pictures of parents playing with their kids!

What should you bring?

A major part of a successful session is a well rested, well fed child. Not hyped up on sugars or caffeine. This really plays a huge part - a tired or crabby child, or a sugar crash mid session make things very difficult. Not just for you and us, but for your child, which is our main concern.

Just as we consider ourselves children in grown up bodies, we consider children full grown people in little bodies with the same rights of courtesy and respect as any adult. So we will not continue a session past the point of the child's willingness.

In addition to your beautiful well rested, well fed child, if you are coming in to the studio you may want to bring some favorite toys. Perhaps a change of clothing or two. A couple of nutritious snacks, just in case things go long. Of course, your normal day to day grooming essentials would be a good idea as well.

If we are headed to your house, we'll just hang around and find things to photograph - that's where the fun is!

Children's Portrait Galleries

We've put together a gallery of some of our children's portrait work. There's a mix - some studio, some at the park, some at home. But all featuring beautiful children having a great time in life.

How to schedule your Child's portrait.

Booking an appointment with us really couldn't be easier. Look at your calendar, pick a few dates that would work for you and give us a call or email us. Really, that's it! We'll get back to you to let you know which date would work and start getting the planning going.

So ... walk over to that calendar and have a look! Then call us at (916) 344.8512 or email us at